Dead Space Gallery of Concept Art

I am getting really excited about Dead Space from seeing some of the awesome concept art that has been shown. The game borrows elements from a few sci-fi cult films like The Thing and Alien, for instance, but unlike a lot of games that take and take, this one gives back in the shed load. Dead Space’s reference makes for an interesting style and therefore some amazing concept art has been created.

The game has been likened to the loneliness of Metroid Prime combined with the survival horror of Resident Evil – which is totally a winning fomula for me. You can find more resources and links at the end of this post and see my previous review with a inside developer’s video to find out more about the game.

Concept Art

Here is some of the concept and poster art for the game which has now been released on Xbox 360 and will be out tomorrow (24th Oct) for PC and PS3.