LEGO Star Wars macros

I really enjoy taking macro photographs and recently I took some of my old Star Wars LEGO. I used a Canon IXUS 80 IS digital camera and it continues to impress me with what it is capable when in macro mode (since it is a pretty inexpensive camera). It doesn’t have many fancy manual controls for fine tuning your focus but you can trick it by setting the focus initially and then move the camera but keep the focus fixed. Below the first image was shot like this way – from another angle I fixed the focus on the LEGO Han Solo character and then moved round him so that Chewbacca didn’t take focus but was still in the shot.

Okay so the next lot aren’t Star Wars but they do show off the macro ability – I will be featuring more mini LEGO robots in another post which I have ordered through the LEGO digital designer:

The SONY WM-EX808HG is the most awesome gadgets (build wise) I think I have every had – they don’t make them like this anymore: