My Movie Poster Design

Until I saw this competition I hadn’t used any of my creative juice in movie poster design. In a couple of post ago I showed off my first movie poster design in Photoshop for this PSDTUTS competition and ever since I have been hooked. This post is a just a brief outlining my second design for this competition and I will post up again about the next designs too as well as possible variations to this.

Design Process

The design for this one follows my other design in that it is quite subtle but tries to catch your eye initially. Doing some research, and looking through what I thought were the best movie poster design work, I felt the ones that caught your eye and that had a subtle element (i.e. having to look much closer to work out what is going on) worked the best.


This movie is set a few years in the future in the year 2080 where we have been unable to rectify the deterioration of the Earth’s ozone layer. The planet is in disarray and is entirely covered in a thick smog and plants, animals and humans are struggling just to stay alive. A collection of the healthiest plants, animals and humans had been relocated to a hydroponics base on the Moon where they can survive indefinitely as a means of keeping the human race alive. Elsewhere on Earth scientists are hard at work on solving the ozone problem. After 10 years suddenly the Moon base completely loose contact with Earth. A decision is made to return to Earth and investigate what has happened.

Design Elements

  • All the images for this design were sourced from – there are 3 images for the subtle building backdrops 1 2 3,  sand and smog, 1 image of the chair, 1 image of the moon half crescent and 1 image of a woman’s face
  • The font used for all the text is called Birth of a hero from
  • Credits again were used from the movie tutorial psd file that I used in my last design
  • Tools used – again Photoshop and Illustrator (what else?)

The Design

Below is my next design idea – also note this one stars Jessica Alba (about time she did another serious type role like Dark Angel). Also posted it in my flickr account.