October 09: Typography Design, Logos and Geometric Print Art

I create a fair amount of typography, logo and geometric designs in a month and so I am going to run a new monthly update of some of my favourite print art of the month. If you want to see all my work be sure to check out my flickr photostream where I post all my experimental work.

Random Dance Prints

Here are some more of my experimental Random Dance series of prints:

Square Hole Posters

Few more experimental designs.

Rainbow Designs

Colourful, simple and retro – I think that sums these up.

Neverending Story Prints

A new series of wireframe style print art designs.

Typography Designs

Level up Typeface Designs

Rolet Type 3 Typeface

Cobweb Typeface Design

This was one of my first typography designs that grew from a scribble in a notebook – which I generally haven’t done before now but now I am scribbling all over the place (great way of not forgetting an idea).

Bubble Typeface

Working progress on a complex vector based typeface made of bubbles.

Alphabattle designs

Here are some of the alphabattle designs this month (j, k (logo) and i (i of a needle)).

Logo Designs

Other Random Designs