Futurism – Limited Edition Prints

Limited edition prints from my Futurism series (#4) are available from today through the record label Gamma Proforma. There is an edition of just 500 @ A2 (420mm x 594mm). They are lithographic prints on 200gms Elemental chlorine free FSC certified pulp and priced at £14.95 + postage (flat rate for UK or International shipping and distributed from the UK) purchase yours here.

Futurism Series

For anyone who is new to my work, Futurism is a new set of prints I started to design this year. They are in essence geometric and minimalistic print designs. You can purchase more from this series and at big sizes from my art print site.

Gamma Proforma

Gamma Proforma was set up in 2000. The Label focuses on the challenging and progressive side of music and are “in it for the art” to say the least. They are making available a new print from a number of different artists every month. In January they made available an awesome print from 123Klan – look out for the rest of the designs coming out this year and be sure to come along to the exhibition at the end of the year to see them all.

Futurism #4 Print