WIRED Magazine iPad App Design

Recently I was commissioned to design an illustration for WIRED magazine for an article on space junk which has now made it to the first release of their iPad Magazine App. WIRED’s iPad app is really something very special and a great insight in to where magazines are heading. They have introduced us to a dynamic, immersive iPad magazine experience, and interestingly (after the row over Flash) it was created in collaboration with Adobe using CS5 (Creative Suite 5) and new Adobe Digital Publishing tech.

Below I have included some photos of the design as seen on the iPad. As soon as I get a hard-copy of the WIRED magazine I will include some photos of that too.

WIRED Magazine iPad App Release Video

My design can be seen just after 12 seconds in from the WIRED Magazine iPad App release video below.

You can clearly see from this video what a great digital magazine app this is, making full use of the iPad’s functionality and kept very intuitive – definitely a must have app if you should happen to be lucky enough to own an iPad.