Design Inspiration – Alberto Seveso

Alberto Seveso comes from Rome and this shows in the style, colour and beautiful models he uses in his designs. Like virtual tattoos, lush shapes weave through raw erotic images of these models, of the kind that appear in south European adverts. These transmute the female body into an endless flow of colours, stretching through and beyond the image.

It all started when Alberto got tired of seeing adverts with Photoshopped models and only a few vector lines crossing through the pictures at an apparent attempt to show movement or style. Instead, he took the vector into the body, recreating the human form itself. As a result, the photos are injected with 2D abstraction, while at the same time imbuing depth and shadow to the vector creations.

Nevertheless he still uses Photoshop significantly. As described in another article “Mostly I start using Photoshop, putting the photos on stage, and then vector shapes… My only rule is to use Photoshop to mix everything.”

In an aesthetic that is almost Pucci-meets-The Terminator’s mercury man, there is in fact a freakish beauty to his subjects. Certainly however, the message is sensual and sexual. No wonder his work has been used to embellish brands like Barcardi (to market its B Live event) and no doubt, we shall be seeing more of Alberto Seveso in the future.

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