Design Inspiration from Catalina Estrada

Catalina was born and raised in Colombia, where she graduated with honours in graphic design. In 1999, she moved to Barcelona, Spain, where she completed a course in plastic arts while continuing her work as an artist, freelance illustrator and designer.

Catalina draws inspiration from European fairy tales and South American folklore, from childhood memories and the happiness she felt when stories were told in her homeland. All this shows and can be felt by the viewer as the themes and colours used relate a true sense of happiness and love within them.

By using every creative technique available to her, from folk arts and crafts to the influence of art nouveau and computerised motifs, she recalls memories of growing up and the stories, places, people of her childhood.

She also often brings to the fore natural elements, placing her characters as well as photos portraits of her family, friends and herself in a mist of trees, flowers and wildlife alike.

“I guess my biggest source of inspiration when it comes to nature is definitely from Colombia, the place where I was born and brought up. I had lots of contact with nature during my childhood because my house was in the countryside. But any expression of nature from anywhere in the world is always fascinating to me and will definitely inspire my work”.

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