Dot to dot Robot to London

Dot to dot London is my next “Bringing dots to life” piece after Dot to dot Robot – this time I am doing something much larger and more ambitious for a large corporate print for Red Chilli Structured Finance – a panoramic image of London (6000 x 2000 pixels resolution).

Won’t have chance to finish this over the weekend so thought I would share the progress so far. At the moment I have simply added a few rough dots and played with some gradients to get a dot to dot, fading to pencil sketch, fading to black and white image, fading to a colour image. But this should give you and idea:

Still working out whether I want cut out / overlaid paper style or a straight fade from the white paper as I currently have. I am going to add some random raised scraps of paper over the image with more fading from dot to dots as well as the task of adding the dot numbers and tidying up some stray dots. Look out for part 2.

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