Portal’s GLaDOS GPS

GLaDOS from Portal on your GPS? That incredibly unique voice you hear as you play through The Orange Box is that of Ellen McLain. She first appeared in Half-Life 2 as the fantastic voice of the Overwatch – the authoritarian government. Her voice also pops up during Team Fortress 2 as an announcer. But her voice very much makes a starring role as GLaDOS, the computer program in Portal, one of the most engaging and creative characters ever to appear in a video game. This voice can now be added for free to you Tomtom GPS via Tomtom Home application or by installing the files manually. Here is a short video of snippets of this awesome voice in a short navigation around London. (WARNING: this is evil – you need to be a little geeky and have a fair amount of patience to really appreciate this on your sat nav!).

2 thoughts on “Portal’s GLaDOS GPS

  1. Tsara

    looks like someone swapped the files for left turn and right turn in the video… whoops. Also what’s up with “an infinite number of meters”?
    On the other hand, if I had a car, and a Tomtom, I would totally be doing this right now.

  2. Lolindir Fox

    It’s GLaDOS what do you expect? of coarse she is going to lie to you that’s half the fun there haha


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