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Creative LEGO Art isn’t for kids and the tools have got alot more sophiticated. 3 weeks ago now I discovered the LEGO® Factory and in particular the latest LEGO Digital Designer software. Now I am hooked on LEGO art design. This is my first creative design piece below, I am calling it “The LEGO Framed Rainbow”.

The LEGO Framed Rainbow

This was created out of 3,029 pieces of LEGO and of them there are over 200 1×1 pieces of each of the 16 colours used throughout. It has taken me over 6 hours to put together and hasn’t been easy – stacking nearly 50 1 x 1 piece end to end nearly 50 times across, all the time keeping to a strick colouring pattern. If you are interested in the design drop me a line.

LEGO Digital Designer

The LEGO Digital Designer, that I used to create this in, is a really well designed piece of software and is as easy to use as a basic paint package. You effectively have 2 palettes and 1 camera control. You select which bricks you want to use from the Brick Palette and drag them to the wireframe base, rotating around all axis as required.

The LEGO brick selection is pretty comprehensive and aswell as all the standard brick sizes it even has some of the technical LEGO pieces too. Albeit I would love to see an option to design, within reason, your own bricks.

The one draw back you will find when you start deleting some of the brick is that unfortunately the application ignores gravity – so although looking at the design it looks stable and in one piece when you actually make it it may not be. So you need to think about this but for anyone who is pretty familiar with LEGO they should be fine.

Once you have designed your masterpiece you can click on the red $ brick and it calculates how much that selection of bricks would cost you. Click OK and you get taken to the LEGO store where it gets added to your shopping cart. On top of this you get the option to design your own box that the bricks come in.

All in all a very slick piece of software and a great way to design something in LEGO even if you haven’t got any LEGO.

The service took me just under 2 weeks from order to delivery and nothing was missing – overall it’s an awesome service that I will be using alot and have some much bigger projects in mind.


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