Retro Art Wallpaper

One of my latest piece of work a creative retro art wallpaper design (downloads at the end of this post). The inspiration for this design came from looking at some retro 1979 Apple advertising for the typography style, the old Amiga Computer logo, some artwork from James White for the elements and a number of layout aspects from the Wipeout series of video games.

Design Inspiration

These design were more of an experiment as I teach myself Photoshop than anything else. Here are some images where you can see where the inspiration for these design came. James White and games like Wipeout are great sources of creative inspiration for retro designs and combine this with some niffy online Photoshop tutorials and you have all you need to get yourself inspired.

Variations and Finished Designs

Here are some variations of the wallpaper that I have created on the way – starting with the first design I did which I did without first creating the assets / elements in Illustrator (I don’t recommend doing this as it is much easier to create them in Illustrator and then copy them across).

Desktop Wallpaper Downloads

I have tried to accommodate most screen format in this download section. Looking at my Google webstats I see that these are the top ones for visitors to this site.

Further Resources

6 thoughts on “Retro Art Wallpaper

  1. King_Corduroy

    Wow, really like that 1978 one. Brilliant, make more please I have three other computers that need backgrounds in this style! lol

    Awesome though, better than James White if you ask me.


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