Fun with Circles designs

Here is a collection of my experimental fun with circles designs. Some of the below designs are at desktop wallpaper size (colourful universe 2 series) simply click on them to get the larger sizes or see below in download section for a list of desktop sizes.

The inspiration for these initially came from this design and this one I saw on Flickr and probably my sub-conscious love of the Spirograph toy from my childhood (I used to spend hours on that ). I have added more inspirations below too.

These designs are very simple to replicate, if you want to try. I used actionscript to create about 200 circles rotated 360 degrees around with a varying gap from the centre, as shown below (but this can be done without actionscript in Illustrator). Once this was done I then took the Illustrator file created into Photoshop to add the colouring. Each of the 200 layers for each circle has a gradient overlay (as below) effect added with a hard light blend mode applied. I tried to capture the colours of a full colour wheel you see in some paint packages, like this. I then packaged this into a smart object and added a number of bluring effects and multiple layers (basically experimenting with what looked best).

Other designs from the experimental fun with circles set



10 thoughts on “Fun with Circles designs

  1. GAZ

    Yes, Im curious too, did you use Illustrator repeat or some other method or software that does such things? Just curious, amazing series.

  2. Stephane

    thanks for the answer. could you give us a little more information or point me in the right direction … would save me some hours …merci

  3. Tree

    Hey, Master, I like your circle.

    Really hope you can out of a simple tutorial, if you have time.

    I am looking forward to tears in my eyes 0_0

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