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As designers we can all appreciate good, well composed typography posters. Matching the graphic design to the right font can be tricky, even for the best designers. These posters I have listed here should be a great for anyone struggling with typography or just for someone looking for some design inspiration.

Remember graphics can support the type you are using or the type can support the graphics you are using. To deliver the message consicely and effectively, you need to make sure your type is expressive enough, your design is distinctive enough and the composition, overall, is strong enough.

Breaks logo

Beauty by Mrgraphicsguy

Piotr Fedorczyk / Florence, Italy

Stel Christian Cambas Poster by SeBDeSiGN

Emiliano Lionel Suárez / Argentina

Pablo Alfieri / Buenos Aires, Argentina

Aaron Pou / USA

Experimental Jetset / Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Todd Roeth / USA

Alex Banks / United Kingdom

Oh Ishi / Siam, Thailand

Lennart Wolfert / Netherlands

Bunch / USA

Noel Tanner / Minneapolis, USA

Yaronimus Maximus / Israel

Andy Cambiaso / Argentina

Juanma Teixidó / Asunción, Paraguay

James White –

Von Trapp Family Singers – 2004

lee25 / United Kingdom

Aron Jancso / Budapest, Hungary

Maxime Delporte / France

HeyHo / France

Karan Singh –

Alexander Radsby –

Shaun Morrison / Brighton, England

Kate Andrews / London, United Kingdom

Kwadrofnik “Folklove” – Oficyna Open Sources 2008

Farhad Fozuni / Iran

Hanna Czapka / Germany

Vincent Bousserez / Paris, France

Mark Andrew Webber / Falmouth, England

Puerto Baires / Buenos Aires, Argentina


Piotr Fedorczyk / Florence, Italy

Aron Jancso / Budapest, Hungary

Pablo Alfieri / Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mike Harrison –

mrgraphicsguy / Germany

Jeremy Somer

Jeremy Somer

Jeremy Somer

Emil Kozak / Spain

Sterk Water / Belgium

25ah / Stockholm, Sweden

Andre Bergamin / Brazil

The Gift v2 by MrBadger

Sarah France – Magazine Cover

Art Lines by Luuqas

Design Candy by ardcor

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2008

Oriental Pages_Page32 by Malikanas


Tony Rohr’s Ring

State To State

Good Morning Stranger by Nicolas Alexander

Smoke + Type by Daniel Gordon

Futura by Craig Ward

Birthday Flyer

Climate Change ‘Co2′ ideas

Gui Borchert

Children of the Idiom by Pablo Alfieri



Avatar: 15 Minute In Calcutta


Dolce & Gabbana

Adobe by Stefan Lucut

BMW X3 by Sergio Cullell

mrgraphicsguy / Germany


CMYK Lovers

North Sea Jazz festival poster

qp logo

Empire / Theo Aartsma

Go Media

Rodrigo Braga

Blik x Drez

Αnapodi Klosti Poster

Palawa Poster

The Well of the Saints A1 poster

Rasterfeld Event Poster

Personal Geocode

FitzGerald Album (Extended Play)

Bold type

Extraverage x The KDU

Spaghetti Dinner Poster

Sweet Sixteen

Visual Lexicon v 2.1 Metamorphosis

Type Area

Wim Crouwel: New Alphabet book

Nederlandse Postzegels 1971

Experimental Jetset: SMCS Invitations

Chaumont, festival international de l’affiche, version longue – Etienne Mineur archives

Moctezuma: James Brown

Typography Poster Updates

Typography-A by lemondesign

Flower Typography by BahiQ8

Typography by Rachel-Speed

Typography days by desmes

TYPOgraphy by alienbiru

Typography book 3 of 5 by artdude85

Typography by Siccie

Typography Photo by fadiawwad

Inject knowledge question mark by CHIN2OFF

Prestige Typography – 1 by bella-elizabetta

Chinese Typo.01 by wormsinfected

Poster1-Garamond by djsoundwav

Typography by maxtomar


For more info on typography check out

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