Excel VB | XLA addin for auto cell colour format

I created this a while ago and have just tested it in Excel 2007 and it works a treat. I am going to update this post later with some improvements to it; which will let you import and export templates, change border thickness and also a couple of speed enhancements for 2007 – so watch this space.

The basic idea of the addin is that:

  1. You select the area of the Excel sheet you want to format
  2. Click the “Colour Format” button
  3. Dialog box (as shown below) opens and you select the colours you want the cells formatted to based on the different types ( Text, References, Numbers, Percentages, Formulas, Logical, Errors and Arrays)
  4. Click okay and the sheet is formatted

I have included the XLA addin below (zipped) which you are welcome to use. If you find any bugs or enhancements you think would be good then let me know.


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