Natwest Adapt Card Enters Top 10 Designs

Recently entered a couple of designs on Natwest Adapt (create your own personalised, unique debit card) and one of them is now in the top 10 designs.

I think they are quite a nice designs and more professional than most of the others I have seen, although there are some really nice designs on the site to choose from.

Natwest have made a good move doing this I think, these days people want to be able to personalise their worldly goods and what better than something that usually looks so corporate and that you, more than likely, use a couple of times of day on average – your credit card.

Here are my designs and a link if you want to get one for yourself (Natwest have sent me an Amazon voucher for getting the bottom design ranked No. 1 for a whole month).

2 thoughts on “Natwest Adapt Card Enters Top 10 Designs

  1. Simon Page Post author

    Yeah there is a fundamental hole in the voting system on the site which allows you to vote numerous times by refreshing – you can spot the people using the exploit as they have thousands of votes as opposed to the majority which have at most a few hundred.

    Most polling / voting scripts work via an IP and a cookie on your computer. The site should at least be setup so that it works on a cookie – that way its much hard to do this exploit.



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