Bose Portable SoundDock – iPod Speaker System

I’ve had the Bose Portable iPod Sounddock now for a couple of days and rate it high for a portable system. I was in the market for a good quality iPod speaker system for taking on holiday which had to have good sound, compatibility (iPod touch, iPod video and the iPod classic) and most of all be portable.

First off the sound this generates for its size is quite remarkable and almost on par with the original SoundDock. I decided, initially, to test a couple of random tracks (Mike Oldfield – Sentinel, BT – Firewater, Nicole Scherzinger – Baby Love and Calvin Harris – Colours) and found them to give great clarity, punch, good stereo separation and plenty of detail that will keep everyone happy. The overall sound won’t blow anyone away, well not until they see the size of it at least.

The compatibility hasn’t been an issue and fits great. Although there are interchangeable slots to fit any iPod, the one that it came with fits all 3 iPods mentioned above.

Although there are much smaller, more portable speaker systems on the market – the smaller they are the less punch you are going to get. This SoundDock is a perfect blend of portability and quality deep sound.

Previously, I was using an Xitel HiFi link dock connected to my cinema 5.1 surround sound speakers which wasn’t as convenient and it’s nice now to play music in any room particularly without having to power up an amplifier.

I think Bose have managed to get it just right with something that isn’t too heavy or bulky to carry around and that still produces clear, detailed sound. For more details see the Bose website or buy it now.

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