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Highly anticipated (well for me) HD version of Wipeout is to be released in Europe on the 25th September for the PS3 – you should be able to download it on from the Playstation Store for £11.99.

Wipeout HD Trailer

Wipeout HD Specs

  • WipEout HD features eight teams and seven game modes: Single Race, Tournament, Time Trial, Speed Lap, Zone Mode, Elimination and Head 2 Head all in stunning full HD quality and accompanied by nine fully licensed music tracks all of which are remixed in Dolby 5.1 sound.
  • Continuing the concept that was pioneered by WipEout Pure on PSP, extra game content will be coming to PLAYSTATION Store to download and use directly with the main game. This will include extra teams, extra tracks and additional events for the race campaign mode.
  • The iconic series evolves with spectacular 1080p High Definition visuals running at a breathtaking 60- frames-per-second (60hz)
  • Support for the SIXAXIS Wireless Controller
  • Pilot Assist – Get help navigating your way around the HD circuits with the new Pilot assist feature.
  • Five Race Modes – wipEout HD features five race modes, including: Single Race, Tournament, Time Trial, Speed Lap and Zone Mode.
  • Difficulty Levels – wipEout HD offers three difficulty levels; adjustable independent of speed class.
  • Online Multiplayer – Up to eight players will be able to compete against each other in a range of online races, across several game modes.
  • Additional Content via Download – Extra game content will be made available to download and plug directly into the main game, including extra teams and ships, extra tracks and additional events for the race campaign mode.
  • Photo mode – During any race, pause the game and select the Photo Mode option. You can choose which ship will be the focus of the camera, and adjust the camera angle, zoom level, and so on. Images are saved to your HDD.
  • A Full Arsenal of Weapons – Choose from a wide range of weapons including missiles, rockets, mines and the brand new leech beam.
  • Score Posting – Post your best lap times and race records in game (for both offline and online modes) and compare them against other wipEout players across the globe.
  • Pumping soundtrack – Feel the beat with 9 fully licensed music tracks, all remixed in Dolby 5.1 surround sound for an even more intense game experience.
  • Custom Play lists – As if that wasn’t enough, wipEout HD also supports ‘Custom Play lists’: playback your own music using play lists created in the PS3 XMB (Xross Media Bar).

Photo Mode / Pilot Assist

Photo mode is another way of showing off your spoils – the various camera options and the ability to save the photos directly to your PS3’s hard drive in full 1080p resolution is welcomed, despite a slightly clunky interface, but given the fun we had with the much more basic Pulse photo mode we’re looking forward to seeing some crazy shots. Pilot Assist is a new feature, but it’s really for the newcomers and the way it pushes you back from the edges won’t be of any use at the higher speeds. Still, it’s another way of ensuring that less-able racers get the most from the game, and we can’t fault the inclusion of such an option. We’re slightly concerned by the lack of the better online modes from Pulse, with HD only providing single races and basic tournaments, but again we reckon that given enough demand we’ll see plug-in downloads with additional game modes soon enough.


Twelve teams are featured in Wipeout HD, and their ship designs are inspired by those featured in Wipeout Pulse:

  • AG Systems
  • Assegai Developments
  • Qirex Research and Development
  • Piranha Advancements
  • EG-X Technologies
  • Triakis
  • Goteki 45
  • Mirage
  • Icaras
  • Harimau International
  • Auricom Research Industries


There are eight available tracks in Wipeout HD, all of which are remastered versions of tracks from the two previous PlayStation Portable Wipeout games; six of the tracks are from Wipeout Pure, and two are from Wipeout Pulse. All tracks can be played forward and backwards, much akin to the “black” and “white” modes of Wipeout Pulse, as well as in Zone mode. Some sections of track also feature Mag Strips, which return from Wipeout Pulse; these stick the player’s vehicle to the track, and allow the piloting of sections that would not otherwise be possible due to gravity.

Wipeout Pure Tracks:

  • Chenghou Project
  • Sol 2
  • Vineta K
  • Sebenco Climb
  • Anulpha Pass (from “Delta” expansion pack)
  • Ubermall (from “Gamma” expansion pack)

Wipeout Pulse Tracks:

  • Moa Therma
  • Metropia


Bronze Trophies:

  • Uplift – Obtain a medal for every cell in Uplift
  • Warped – Obtain a medal for every cell in Warped
  • Frenzy – Obtain a medal for every cell in Frenzy
  • Vertigo – Obtain a medal for every cell in Vertigo
  • Head Rush – Obtain a medal for every cell in Head Rush
  • Speed Freak – Obtain a medal for every cell in Speed Freak
  • Dropzone – Obtain a medal for every cell in Dropzone
  • Meltdown – Obtain a medal for every cell in Meltdown
  • Smile Please (Hidden) – Use Photo Mode to take a photo
  • Rookie Reward (Hidden) – Win any race with Pilot Assist on.
  • 1 Gold Medal won, 86 to go… (Hidden) – Obtain your first gold medal
  • Happy Accident? (Hidden) – Execute your first successful barrel roll
  • Keep Rollin’ (Hidden) – Execute 100 successful barrel rolls
  • Flatland Flyer – Execute and land a successful barrel roll on Moa Therma
  • Own The Zone – Get 20 consecutive perfect zones in a single Zone Mode event
  • Double Kill – Eliminate at least two opponents in any race
  • Endurance – Finish an online 12 race tournament
  • Connected 1 – Finish 10 online races

Silver Trophies:

  • Campaign Legend – Obtain a gold medal for every cell in Race Campaign
  • Airbraker – Reach Zone 50 (Subsonic) in Zone Mode on any track using only airbrakes and sideshift. Motion sensor controls must be turned off.
  • Tournament Ace – Win every race of an 8 stage Racebox tournament on Skilled or Elite difficulty.
  • Connected 2 – Win 10 online races.
  • Lapped Out – Complete 99 laps in a single Racebox, Speed Lap session.
  • AG Assassin – Eliminate 50 online opponents
  • WipEout Disciple – Obtain 100,000 loyalty points for any team.

Gold Trophies:

  • Zone Zeus – In Zone Mode, reach Zone 75 on any track
  • Arcade Perfect – Finish 1st on all 16 tracks in Phantom class Racebox races on Elite difficulty.
  • Beat Zico – Equal or beat the lap time of 30.82 seconds on Anulpha Pass (Forward), Speed Lap, Venom using the Piranha.
  • Livery Liberation – Unlock every ship skin in the game.

Platinum Trophies:

  • Transcendence – Earn all the trophies in the game

WipEout HD Concept Art

WipEout Resources

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