Movie Poster Design in Photoshop

I love designing and this has been my first attempt with movie poster design in Photoshop. PSDTUTS have a great competition on until the end of December 2008 for creating a movie poster design for a fictional film they are calling “New Dawn”. (I have since updated the design below and created other design)

My Hollywood Film Pitch

My Interpretation for this first design (I think I will end up doing another couple) is that the “mysterious force” is an alien microscopic germ that has been accidentally released by the government. This germ is deadly and pretty much it seems an unstoppable force if allowed to spread. Since this germ has been travelling around the Earth, infecting people and then killing them, when it moves to it’s next host it does so in a mysterious fog like dust – which eventually covers the entire planet. Many cities have been completely abandoned and then flattened by nuclear weapons in a last ditch attempt of destroying this alien germ.

(When you see a film like this at the cinema – remember where you heard it first!).

Creative design elements

Original Concept

Here is my original piece

Concept Variations

I did some experimenting with cityscape views in the background and so below here are 2 variation of that initial idea – one subtle / one not so subtle. I have also done an updated design of this changing the font.

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