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This is my pick of the one top gadget to buy this Christmas – the LivingColors LED Mood Lamp from Philips. Essentially it is a very simply lighting device but is one of those gadgets that reaches a wide audience. The idea behind this device is that it allows you to pick from a host of colours that compliments your mood creating a custom ambiance in whichever room you have it in. I have found that a certain orange (reminding me of the light you get in the summer as the sun is going down) and a lightly saturated blue (giving off a cooling soothing mood) are my favourites so far.


In the box you get:

  • The LivingColors Mood Lamp unit (with a silk carrying case) – measures about 24cm x 28cm x 23cm and I reckon it’s the perfect size. The lamp itself is a really well designed water droplet type shape which works well and adds to it’s overall beauty.
  • Remote control – which has all the control but is very simply laid out with touch sensitive buttons. Buttons range from on / off, brightness and colour saturation dimmers and of course the funky colour dial selector.
  • Power supply
  • Manual – you really don’t need to look at the manual it’s so simple to use.

The light output states it is about the same as a 15 Watt bulb but I think it’s more than this particularly on white light and full brightness.

The colour is produced from 4 long lasting (8-10 years) LED bulbs using colour intensity combinations from each bulb to create the colour you select.


The lamp boasts 16 million colours and so you can’t complain that it hasn’t got the exact colour you want – here are just a selection.

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The lamp is very portable and not particularly heavy (more just a solid feel). But due to it’s size if you wish you could carry it around your home.


To conclude this Philips LivingColors LED mood lamp is without doubt a fantastic present not just for Christmas but that can be used throughout the year (it has a white light so can be used as a normal lamp). I think it would be particularly good for calming people who get stressed, anyone who loves their colours or for anyone who is into interior design and making rooms look at their best. Also, of course, anyone who is a gadget fan will just love it (like me).


4 thoughts on “Philips Livingcolors LED mood lamp gadget

  1. Simon Page Post author

    Yep and I love it and I haven’t actually come across anyone who doesn’t think it is awesome either. Also it has really just started to come down in price and there is now a range of mini versions too – so a great time to pick one up.


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