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What are the best accessories around for the Apple iPod touch right now? Well this the top selection of accessories that I use with my iPod and highly recommend to you. The iPod touch, if you didn’t know, is one of – if not – the best music and multimedia player from Apple in terms of functionality. It is an iPhone but without the phone functionality. It is being marketed as ‘the funnest iPod yet’ – and that certainly does ring true. It boasts (upto) a massive 32GB storage (that’s about 7,000 songs), have a perfect sized 3.5″ multi-touch screen with a 480 x 320 pixel display, supports a large array of video formats, has built in Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) and of course the App Store for getting the latest games and utilities from iTunes.

Griffin iClear – Crystal-Clear Hard-Shell Case

Okay so you now have this gorgeous multimedia device and you want to look after it. You have effectively 4 options for a case – a silicon case, a leather case, a sock or a hard shell case. The leather cases are bulky and really make the iPod touch look ridiculous, killing any of the neat styling Apple have worked so hard to create. The silicon cases aren’t as bad but I have yet to find one that looks good and they really don’t quite give you the same protection that a hard case does. For people who are more fashion conscious the Apple socks are probably your best bet as it really doesn’t hamper any of the great styling (they come in some funky colours but really don’t offer any protection when on). The clear hard shell from Griffin ticks all the boxes with maximum protection and minimal interference. None of the ports, screen or buttons are blocked or hard to get to but it still give the iPod all the protection it needs and you still see the Apple styling. – more info (UK) / (US)

Shure E2C-N In-Ear Headphones

Next on the list should be an upgrade to the headphones you get as standard from Apple. These are the cheaper versions of the E4C-N that I use but the E2C-N are much better value for money. You get some really great sound out of these and are much more comfortable than the Apple headphones. Shure also have spent a lot of money on research for the ear pieces and these are a great fit. The sound obviously is crisp and top notch as your would expect from Shure. – more info (UK) / (US)

Arcam rDock Docking Station for iPods

Next up is a dock. There are a number of docking stations you can get for the iPod which also double as other things like speakers or alarm clocks (which I will cover below). This is a fairly simple docking station with TV (composite and s-video) and audio outputs. This dock comes with a remote control which allows you to either hook it up to a TV and use the iPod as a picture viewer or alternatively plug it in to a hi-fi and select your favourite tracks. I love this and you can hear that it has been tuned and reviewed as one of the best sounding dock with audiophile grade components (glass fibre PCBs and JRC operational amplifiers to surface mount components and gold plated connectors). This dock can also be used to charge the iPod (albeit with a button to turn off charging since it has been shown in experiments that iPod sounds better when running on batteries). If you have a good stereo or hi-fi and you want to play your iPod through it this is without doubt one of the best out there. – more info (UK)

Bose SoundDock Portable in Black Digital Music System

This is the most expensive gadget for the iPod touch on this list. I have previously reviewed the Bose portable sounddock this year so check that out for more information. It is, however, in my opinion the best portable iPod speaker system you can get currently. Bose are great sound engineers and this doesn’t disappoint offering great battery life and sound – even when running from the battery. – more info (UK) / (US)

Griffin iTrip Auto FM Transmitter and Charger for iPod

A Lot of people who drive will realise that there isn’t a simple way to play the songs from your iPod through the car speakers. Most brand new cars now come with an iPod adaptor but most cars won’t even have this option and if they do it will be a pricey one. This gadget from Griffin solves this problem and at a fraction of the cost. This is something I bought my girlfriend last year and she loves it. Simply what you do is plug this in to the bottom of the iPod and then select a frequency. It then transmits your music as an FM radio wave which you can then pick up on the radio in your car. Since the radio signal is coming from in the car provided you have tuned it to a signal that isn’t being used by a local radio station in the area you will have a nice clear sound. This is a great device I can’t recommend enough and also as a bonus comes with a 12V car power adaptor. – more info (UK) / (US)

Nike + iPod Sport Kit

This was included in my top inexpensive gadgets for Christmas list and certainly is a great motivation device to get you running in the new year. Again a simple device to operate as you would expect from Apple but offers you your own personal workout coach. If you haven’t got the Nike shoes don’t worry you can buy a pouch that will fit on any trainers. – more info (UK) / (US)

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5 thoughts on “The Best iPod Touch Accessories

  1. Simon Page Post author

    True they are a pain near the cities if you have it on a competing frequency – but I have managed to get them working well around Cambridge, Bath and Norwich – a good idea to check the local stations frequencies where you are:
    Radio-Now Station Directory

    Have to disagree on the Bose earphones – had a pair and hated the fact that the clear ear buds parts are loose, fall off easily and get lost unless you wrap them up in a case when not using them. The sound quality isn’t quite Shure standard but close.

  2. Adam

    Nice to hear another point of view on the headphone front – I have to agree with you on the clear ear bud subject… they are a pain!

    Radio now looks good! (Although it doesn’t work – error404)

  3. peter

    has to be the zeppelin from b&w coupled with the simplify media app goes a long way

    I also have a [shoddy design] Cygnett GrooveRide touch FM transmitter which I use with the shuffle


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