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I find I get a lot of creative design inspiration from entering competitions and seeing ideas from other designers. My latest entries are for the MINI Space website for the launch of their new electric MINI the MINI-E. It’s BMW first all electric MINI with 100% electric motor and zero carbon emissions.

I tackled this trying to put my mind set into the designers that BMW use. The MINI adverts and posters they have produced have always followed a fun and approachable direction but in keeping with the slickness of other advertising campaigns for BMW cars.

Design Inspiration

Here are a few of the MINI adverts that caught my eye. Some of the work MINI do is very inspirational and worth looking out for.

My Creative Designs

Here are the four designs I have created for this competition.

The First Invisible MINI

This designs centres around the idea of the MINI now being invisible as it now has zero carbon emission or a zero carbon footprint.

Bright Sparks

This design was a play on words with the title, bright sparks. It lists some of the top electric inventions to date and then has the BMW MINI added to the list for 2009.


This design is my favourite and was the first colourful design I attempted. It is based on the fact that most of the purchasers of the new electric MINI-E are going to use it to commute around cities – hence ELECTRI-CITY (The playground of the first all-electric, zero carbon MINI).

The MINI E is more than meets the eye

This is the final design and is based around being more informative and trying to get around some of the stigma people have with electric cars (i.e. that they think they have poor performance and don’t have a good battery power range).


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