CUBEN Poster Design Update

Here is an update on my CUBEN poster designs which are coming along nicely. I want to bang out another three (probably a couple will be based around ultraviolet and infrared after the last Visible Spectrum design) and then I will start the proofing process. Below are the latest revised looks and layouts. The next post about CUBEN should be the final 9 designs with photos of them hanging on a wall – stayed tuned.

Visible Spectrum

Irregular Sides

Cubic Axes

Polygon Vapour

Square Root

Cubic Spine

Complex Planes

Shining Darkness

Cubic Diffusion

Keep up to date with new CUBEN releases hot off the press from my flickr account

12 thoughts on “CUBEN Poster Design Update

  1. Poster Printing

    These are really interesting designs. I read your other post about the series, and the hexagon/3D cube connection is really cool. My eye really wants to see 3D on the Cubic Spine poster. The Square Root poster is my favorite. These designs could work well as a background for a new technological product on a poster, brochure or flyer.

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