Flower on PS3 – Inspired Creative Design

This is another creative design that I have done from being inspired through video games – this time from Flower on the PS3. Flower has only just recently been released and is only available through the Playstation Network. It was created by “that game company”, who also brought you Cloud (PC) and FlOw (PS3 Playstation Network). I actually haven’t played FlOw before and so this game was a first from this company. Having seen a couple of reviews from 1UP and GameTrailers I was taken a back by the serenity that the game gave off and was definitely going to buy it.

Game Review

The game is based around controlling a initially a single petal by using any 1 button of which all control the wind strength (basically on and off) and the Sixaxis control system for up, down, left and right. It is so easy a very small child could grasp tight moves in a couple of minutes. The concept, in it’s simplest form, is that you control the petal and direct it towards other flowers of which the petals from those flowers then attach as in a stream – which can get very large near the ends of the level.

There are a number of flowers which glow around the outside of their petals. These glowing flowers trigger events such as destroying a power pylon or turning some lights on etc and are effectively stages within each level. There are 6 levels all varying in colours, flowers and environments and can take about 10-15 mins if you are quick. The first level is very much meadows and fields whereas the the last level is very urban seeing the environment change from grey and dull to colourful and flowery once you trigger certain flowers. It is obvious from this level where the inspiration for this game came from.

There is no head up display, no timer and the only level I think that I got “hurt” was the 5th when you have an electric power station crumble around you. I’m not sure if the number of petals adds to an energy bar but I think the amount that you end the level with determines how alive the flower is when you return the window sill and if you haven’t collected enough you can’t make the next level when another flower in a pot appears.

The game certainly isn’t targeted for hardcore gamers albeit I think that anyone interested in gaming will like this game. It has a beautiful soundtrack and the graphics, which albeit aren’t amazingly photo realistic, are very clever, smooth and imaginative.

For the price of £6.29 it is well worth picking up and definitely worth playing when you are either stressed out or looking for something to kill some time. I will certainly now be checking out flOw if this promises to offer the same quality and substance.

The Greener Side – Art Inspired by Flower

I was really taken a back by the grass and how well it had been depicted in this non-photo realistic environment and so inspired me to create the below design called “The Greener Side”. It is available as a 1920 x 1200 download for use wallpaper on your desktop or 480 x 320 for iPhone / iPod Touch:

iPhone / iPod Touch (480 x 320) version:

Gallery of images from Flower

Flower Concept Art (Jenova Chen)


5 thoughts on “Flower on PS3 – Inspired Creative Design

  1. Jason Stanley

    Flower is an absolutely stunning game and for just £6 its a bargain…my fiance loved every minute of it and she usually hates playing games!

    Great piece of design work too would love to see more like this!

  2. Simon Page Post author

    Thanks Jason. Its great getting real value for money on the PS3 games. I have to say I really resent paying up to £40 for a game that end up having less gameplay than these Playstation network games. This is definitely the future of gaming.

    I am working on some other designs similar to this using a similar technique. Be sure to watch my flickr account for updates (Here is a quick experimental wallpaper piece: http://www.flickr.com/photos/52128710@N00/3288929897/)

  3. Flower Concept

    i love your work..especially the flower concept art, soothes to the eye very pleasant and harmonious effects.


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