Video Game Inspired Concept Art – Moline

Here are some video game inspired concept art and some other design which showcase a new technique I have come up with that I am calling Moline (combination of Motion and Line).

The basics of this design process is to first trace out in Illustrator the image that you want to use and then applying effects to this vector image through Flash actionscript to create a kind of pixelated rain effect – Moline. The end product is entirely vector based.

This is still a concept I am working on improving and streamlining but so far the effects are quite impressive and have lots of potential. The main work involved is making the vector image suitable for treatment not everything image works. The below images are all 1920 x 1200 wallpaper designs which you can download by clicking on them.

Street Fighter 4 Inspired Concept Art

Resident Evil 5 Inspired Concept Art

Typography is everything – Galileo

Typography is everything – Stretch

Typography is everything – Moline 1

Typography is everything – Moline 2 – Black Magic

More details on new design in the Moline series soon and be sure to check my flickr gallery for the latest releases.

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