8 thoughts on “Nike Typography Posters

  1. yoshikee

    really nice pieces you came out with right there. The swooshes making up the letters from across the canvas is really cool!

  2. On Printing Posters

    Each of these posters are striking, even in black and white. They really capture the image of Nike, with the Swoosh-like graphics. What’s really great about these designs is that they can also work in color. The second poster, “Every Moment is an Experience,” resembles the lights you see in a sports arena, very appropriate for the Nike image. If you look closely, it seems as if you can see the stadium shining through the text. Imagine what you could do with “sports lights” colors and a halo effect.

  3. Simon Page Post author

    Thanks all for the comments

    @Nadila – unfortunately not. I am going to work on another design like this soon so just follow my Flickr account to keep an eye out for it.

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  5. Greg

    Hi There,
    Would if be okay if you answer a couple of question for my project in school.

    How did u become a typographer, for the Nike posters?

    What does the Quote mean.? ” Every Moment is an Experience?”

    How did u come up with your design?

    Have you been inspired buy any other typographer designers?

    Many Thanks

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