International Year of Astronomy Prints Available

As promised my prints for the International Year of Astronomy 2009 are now available to buy – simply click on the “Print Store” link on the top menu or the print store button on the top left of every page.

It’s a shame these posters were designed so late in the year as there has been some awesome press coverage for these and would of made some great PR for the International Year of Astronomy. I have listed the press in another post.

Details of Prints

Here are the main things to look for when buying prints with details of what you get with my print orders:

Price / Discounts

The prints are marked in inches and priced at $40 for 13″ x 19″ prints, $60 for 18″ x 24″ prints and $80 for the 24″ x 36″ (limited). If you spend $80 at the store you get free shipping in the US and 50% off shipping everywhere else.

If you are looking to buy 3 prints of more contact me for a Christmas 25% discount.

Paper Quality

The prints are on museum-quality paper that meet strict industry standards. The paper is internally buffered to resist fading and acid-free to eliminate any degradation. The inks have a very high pigment density, which allows for the sharpest possible image, perfect reflection of light and the widest range of printable colour. The pigment also resists water, light, and gas for superior archiving properties.

Shipping / Tracking

Prints up to 13″ x 19″ are shipped completely flat. They are placed a protective acid-free sleeve, then secured between two pieces flat cardboard. This is then placed inside a box that is cushioned with air-fill bags.

Prints 18″ x 24″ and up are shipped rolled. They have a protective sheet over the printed area to prevent any damage to the surface. The tube is then placed in a protective acid-free sleeve and secured inside a tube box. The ends are cushioned.

Specific handling instructions are added to each box to ensure that they are handled carefully in transit – so basically they will get to you in perfect condition which is how it should be.

Also all order are shipped within 48 hours and within the shipping confirmation email you will get a tracking number for any order worldwide.


Had some awesome feedback from people who have ordered the prints and had them delievered already – here are a few of my favourites:

Patrick from the Microsystems Technology Laboratories at MIT (sounds very geeky) – “My print arrived in perfect condition and is already up in my office; I’ve had so many compliments and directed them your way.”

Lawrence a programmer from the UK – “These prints look so gooood, I only ordered 1 print but came really well packed and the print is top notch quality, looks even better on my wall which it now take pride of place over my other artwork.”

Alexis from the US – “The print I ordered arrived (in perfect condition) on Thursday!  It is beautiful.  I’ll certainly be buying another soon. Thank you!”

Jack from California – “I love minimalist designs and these are just so much more than that and look so great now I have them framed – thanks Simon!”

Alex a graphic designer – “My new apartment never looks so good!”

Linda an astronomy film maker from California – “The poster arrived and is fantastic and so  beautifully printed. It is a stunning design. Congratulations. I gave it to my husband for his birthday and he was enthralled.  Both he and I make (mostly astronomy) films for PBS.”

Selling Prints

When I started out with my self-initiated work this year one of my main aims was to start selling posters and prints and it’s so awesome that I now have a platform to do this with and get my work out there for people to have.

If you purchase a print I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed designing them. Here are some images showing the full collection and some teaser shots I took of the proofs for these prints.

22 thoughts on “International Year of Astronomy Prints Available

  1. thegraphical

    I look at these posters and feel an immense level of satisfication. Your work on this project is truely stunning, and a massive inspiration. I really look forward to seeing more graphics like this…

  2. Simon Page Post author

    Best bet for UK customers is to order 2 prints and get 50% off shipping discount (max $17 for UK shipping). If you want more than 2 prints contact me and I will sort out a further discount.

    If anyone knows of someone who can handle quality printing and shipping from the UK let me know. Thanks

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  10. Matt M

    Colorful Universe Print is really good would love to see the print without the whole of the outer circle so doesnt have the black background. Don’t think there that expensive.

  11. Tim

    I like your work! You are a true artist! I would like to buy the colorful universe print. But can it be shipped to Belgium? I dont know anything about buying things on the internet.

    Greetz from Belgium

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  14. beck

    I really enjoy these, and appreciate your cleverly simple style. I tried to win one on abduzeedo contest they were having a while back, but lost out. :)


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