Graphic Design Portfolio Prints

I decided it is a good time to start looking into producing a printed portfolio of selected graphic design prints. I recently got asked to meet the Head of exhibitions at the Design Museum, London and going along without a portfolio to show was a bit of a bad move.

Today, by chance, I had the use of a friends colour printer and took the opportunity to start off with a test portfolio. Although the printer wasn’t anything special, and took quite a while to print, the artwork came out looking really nice on the 250gm stock paper. Due to a number of request I will actually be producing a bound type book of selected graphic design work from the year (professionally printed) – which I will be selling and also will include selected pieces from the International Year of Astronomy prints – stay tuned.

Photos of Graphic Design Portfolio Prints

6 thoughts on “Graphic Design Portfolio Prints

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  2. Stephanie

    wow, very inspired. Your work is excellent. I want to apply for graphic design at college but im scared that i am not “good” enough or creative enough to do it. I feel like nothing like your work will just come into my mind. Do you have any advice?

  3. Simon Page Post author

    Yes – my advice is to just keep experimenting. For every, say, 10 or 20 bad designs you create there will be 1 gem and the more gems you create the more you will start to define your own style.

    Just need a bit of motivation and application – good luck!


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