6 thoughts on “January 10: Portfolio, prints and graphic design

  1. Edric Ureel

    I came on this blog true the grainedit interview. I got to say I’m an absolute fan of you and your work.
    I love the way you write and implant the inspiration into your work. The combination of the mathematic view on life and graphic design makes it top notch.
    If this isn’t enough you’re even giving us ideas and possible inspiration next to your own work.
    thanks! Can’t wait for the next one.

  2. James Vincent

    Wow, your stuff is just getting better and better Simon! I particularly like “Album Artwork for Bastian Wegner” – very cool minimalist design and major props to Bastian for going for such a design.

    Also, your second “Beyond” poster (red striped planet) is really great, as is the futurism poster with the red disk on the grey background. You have a great eye for colour and space, keep it up!


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