5 thoughts on “February 10: Graphic Design, Spec work and a Limited Edition Print

  1. Graham Smith

    Interesting view on the portfolio stance. I still stand strong that being everywhere is the best way to get the word out about who you are and what you do.

    And it really doesn’t take that long at all. Create a new logo, poster and update portfolio sites, no more than 10mins.

    I think it is naive to focus on just a few sites, you are impeding the chance of people finding you and hearing about you.

    After all, you would love to have your work featured in as many blogs, websites as humanly possible no? This is not much different to a portfolio. Are you then suggesting that you oppose websites displaying your work because it makes you look desperate? I doubt that’s the case.

    Simply, the more blogs and websites that feature your work the more people get to hear about you and your work, which is what it’s all about. The more places you are, the more chances you have of securing that next valuable commission. Not to mention just the usefulness of word of mouth and reputation.

    As I explain in my post, I have seen results of having portfolios in lots of places, direct work coming from these more niche sites. One does need to work on placing and promoting yourself, no one said or should say it’s easy or quick.

    Yes, it can take time, but thats the nature of advertising and self promotion. You need to factor this into your routine. To save all you time for design is great if you like designing, but not so great if there is no one out there who know’s you exist.

    Come back to the pushing of your own work out there for all to see, I could argue that then looks like you are desperate. But it’s not, its you promoting yourself. Only the people prepared to put the work into promoting themselves will stand a better chance of succeeding in a industry that is saturated with designers and talent. And that’s the key thing to remember, freelance designers are everywhere, competition is fierce and you need to work to raise yourself above everyone else. You have to work to build your reputation, as you clearly have.

    Be prolific.

    If you want work, you need to make sure people can find you and notice you above everyone else. The proof is in the pudding so to speak, I have enough work coming through, to a point I can now be selective on the clients I take on. That’s only been made possible by my own substantial efforts to market and sell myself. If people want to be in a similar position, then you need to work at it and not just rest on your laurels.

    But as you say, there are always two sides two arguments, just responding in kind. :)

  2. Bart Sasso

    woah man… thanks for the link! honored. really looking forward to my IYA 2009 print…. and the many more I plan to purchase in the very near future. your work is truly inspirational.


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