March & April 10: Graphic Design and Prints

Here is a late, better than never, update of my graphic designs and prints from the past couple of months. Amongst other things I have been working on getting a number of my designs (some new and some old) up for sale. Below is separated in to 3 sections outlining new available print work, older available print work and just a collection of some recent graphic design work.

New Available Print Work

New work of mine that is available to buy. Clicking on the images will link through to my art gallery site where you can see a more detailed image and details of the prints (paper type, inks and archival properties etc).

Simple Life Prints

These are cartoon style yet geometric 22″ square prints (these are lots of fun so look out for more of these).

Destination Space

The wire-frame star chart shows accurate northern hemisphere constellations and I couldn’t resist adding the 2001 space station.

A Scary Night

The Sky at Night (Astronomy Day 2010)

Beyond the International Year of Astronomy Prints

This set brings the Beyond series part 1 and 2 to an end. I will continue to do space based art but mainly one offs from here on.

2001 A Space Odyssey Prints

These designs are abstract designs inspired by 2001 A Space Odyssey.

Hyperspace \\ Watching

Detailed view of hyperspace:

Control \\ Entry

Colourful Universe Print – 38,025

This 22″ square print is made from 38,025 multi-coloured circles (hence the name) and is another design for Colourful Universe set.

1 to 5 \\ CUBEN Colour Shambles v4

  • 1 to 5 is a print made from a line in the bottom at 1pt gradually increasing to 5pt line in the top right.
  • CUBEN Colour Shambles v4 is a more colourful variation on my previous designs.

Seasides \\ Broken Tiles

Criss Cross

This is a new set of colourful prints entitled Criss Cross because of obvious reasons.


Octo #1 \\ Circular Orbits

Stained Glass

A new set of designs inspired from the effect light has on stained glass windows.

Rainbow Tiles \\ Geometrees

Ink Dots


Older Work Available as Prints

Older graphic design work that I have now made available to buy. Clicking on the images will link through to my art gallery site where you can see a more detailed image and details of the prints (paper type, inks and archival properties etc).

The Typographic Years in print

From my popular typographic years set 2009, 1999 #1 & #2, 1988, 1986 and 1972 now available as 22″ square prints.

Colour of Series: Turquoise

Super (Alphabattle) \\ Triadd

Bits n Bytes \\ Underground

Futurism Prints

2 more prints from the Futurism series are now available.

Hexiral \\ Relativity

Other New Graphic Design Work

Poster Annual Design

My re-design for international poster annual

Fun with circles designs

Click on the images to see a large more detailed view.

Colourful Universe Prints – will be available later


Other CUBEN Colour Shambles Prints

Herbert Bayer Inspired Poster

The Light in Things

The light in things will be made available as a very limited edition print fairly soon.

Design 4D \\ Rainbow Eyes

Click on the images to see a large more detailed view.

Hyperspace \\ Holey

Overflow – Beyond the International Year of Astronomy Prints

This one depicts Mars and the fact so little has been digitally mapped so far. I didn’t include this in the final selection as I thought it could stand alone. I will probably release as a separate Mars limited edition later in the year.

Other Criss Cross Prints

I will make these and more in the series available on request.

Corner #2

Octo #2 \\ Criss Cross #7

Lifetime \\ Flower Spiral Criss Cross Design

More Flower Spiral Criss Cross Designs

Venn Diagram Series

Not that I think of myself as some kind of expert but I think this covers the essence of good designers.

A variation of the things needed to get a client:

Stained Glass Designs

Colourful Twist \\ Time Lapse #3

Time Lapse #2


I seem to be quite bad a doing these blog updates (often getting distracted by a design idea) so I am going to aim to split them up into smaller more bite sized chunks from now on and do mainly quarterly updates of my work.

15 thoughts on “March & April 10: Graphic Design and Prints

  1. Victor Vega

    Your work is amazing, really inspiring. Hope I will get there. Im also a graphic designer, congrats from Lima, Perú.

  2. Jane H

    I love so many of these which one to pick…38,025, simplicity, criss cross, a scary night, 1972, hyperspace….arhhh very nice work!

  3. Jason

    Just a friendly heads up pour the 1st Venn Diagram poster: you might like to correct the spelling of ‘Curiosity’ before printing up a few hundred.

    Love your designs, and would be extremely interested to see what you could do as wallpaper (for rooms I mean). Has no-one ever asked you?

  4. GArt

    Woah dude! I am amazed at this work it sooooo so nice. Oh and wallpaper I would love some of your work as wallpaper!

  5. Vincent

    You are really amazing!
    Too good to be true
    Your works have revived my design soul
    Thanks a lot!

    Vincent Malaysia

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  7. samira katebi

    it’s very amazing and cool . some your designs are fantastic. I’m an architecture . are you in face book ?
    thank you
    Tehran , Iran


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