20 of the Best Amazing Photoshop Tutorials

Looking for the best Photoshop tutorials for some graphic design inspiration? Photoshop tutorial websites are growing exponentially, some good and some rather bad, here you will find 20 of the very best out there from unique and very talented designers. I think you will agree these show really dedication and great attention to detail. I have included links to both the designers websites and the tutorial itself and both of these will give you access to other tutorials by that designer as well as views of their portfolios for more design inspiration.

Tony Ariawan – Tutorial: Stop Haunt Me Every Day

This is without doubt one of the most striking and I have added am extra photos. They really have the wow factor. It isn’t the simplest method and requires a fair amount of work to get the picture you decide to use just right but the end product is without doubt amazing.

Eric Sin – Tutorial: Speedy shatter effects

“Using only two layers as a base and building up texture through simple displacement, the effect allows you to create a complex, dynamic pattern of effects, adding the impression of movement and activity to the most static of images.”

Abduzeedo – Tutorial: Create An Amazing Ad in Photoshop

“it’s just because we love some of their ads and we’d love to be able to design one”

Collis – Tutorial: Fiery Photoshop Space Explosion Tutorial

“I’ll walk you through creating a spectacular space scene featuring two planets colliding.”

Kyle Pero -Tutorial: Create a Layered Glowing Text Effect

“This tutorial is simple enough for a beginner to understand, but I should warn you that in this tutorial there ends up being over 60 active text layers…”

Tom Ross -Tutorial: Design a Professional Laptop Advert

“This tutorial will teach you how to manually create your own vanishing points, and how to use these techniques to create an awesome ’screen explosion’ effect – something that is sure to dazzle your viewers!”

Nik Ainley – Tutorial: 3D typographic effects in Photoshop

“…shows you how to add the wow factor to 3D text using Photoshop’s art tools”

David Legget – Tutorial: 3D Pixel Stretch Effects

“By taking this technique a step further, we can create wonderful, vibrant 3D effects right in Photoshop”

Sigma -Tutorial: Fairy Night Photo Effect

“This task we’ll learn how to correct the photos’ colors, change the eyes color, work with the layers, applying ready brushes and designs, create your own design and to picture the stars.”

Francesco Mugnai – Tutorial: Stunning 3D effects in 30 minutes

“Together, with a pinch of this and a dash of that, we’ll figure out how to create this cool effect in just 30 minutes.”

Photoshop8x.com- Tutorial: Beautiful Lady Effect

JonGos – Tutorial: Creating Energy Spheres in Photoshop

myInkBlog.com (Andrew Houle) – Tutorial: Create an Awesome Grass Texture in Photoshop

Murilo Maciel – Tutorial: Fantasy light effects in Photoshop

Peskimo – Tutorial: Real-world effects

Jort Braam – Tutorial: Vivid colour effects

Chuck Anderson – Tutorial:Painting with light

Greg Martin – Tutorial: Make a realistic start field

blog.spoongraphics.com – Tutorial: Trendy geometric lines design tutorial

Viniman – Tutorial: Photo-Manipulating an Image Into a Realistic Night Scene

Let me know if you think I have missed an amazing tutorial from a designer not listed as well as which one on this list is your favourite. Enjoy…

32 thoughts on “20 of the Best Amazing Photoshop Tutorials

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  5. Adept710

    Great Tutorials. My favourite from above was the Laptop Ad, that is quite a challenge, and when you use the idea to make particular objects sink in and move out, it can look very very cool. I would like to see more robotics artworx, similar to the great tutorial out there on making the metalic frog.

  6. Daniel

    really nice collection of tutorials …some of them i know and some don’t :)
    can we add more to the list??


  7. bob saget

    Umm can anyone figure out the missing step on the cold ice tutorial. I got to the pink cloud step and it said it was part of the plan and to repeat it twice more. I did that and now i have 3 pink clouds. but the tutorial jumps straight to a step where the letters are clean and colored.

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  13. Jason Muriithi Kiama

    These tutorials are amazing. I just finished Francesco Mugnai – Tutorial on Stunning 3D effects. It was AWESOME and then I will do some of the others here.


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