Design Inspiration | fonts, 25 of the best

In this post I am going to list what I feel are some of the best fonts to have in a designers toolbox and – they cover a good diverse range but for the most part they are classic, ageless fonts. Some of the fonts listed may well already be installed with your operating system otherwise they are available to buy (click on the names).

You might also be interested in my other post, Design Inspiration: free fonts, that lists a number of recent “new kids on the block” of free and free for personal use font downloads.

At the very end of this post are some further resources too.

Ladies and gentlemen – the fonts…

1. Adelon Serial

2. Arial

3. Baskerville Old Face

4. Bradley Hand

5. Century Gothic

6. Cezanne

7. Constantia

8. Cooper Black

9. Copperplate Gothic

10. Corbel

11. Eras Medium

12. Felix Titling

13. Helvetica

14. Zapfino

15. Litho Pro

16. Lucida Grande

17. Maiandra

18. Myriad Pro

19. Optima

20. Palatino

21. Gill Sans

22. Rage Italic

23. Swiss 721

24. Trajan

25. Trebuchet


Places to buy fonts

Other Font Related Websites

Font References

Hope you have found this list and the resources of use – let me know, as a designer, which font you find invaluable and feel free to list any other resources that you use regularly.

One thought on “Design Inspiration | fonts, 25 of the best

  1. DangerDom

    Some interesting ones, some that I think are a bit stereotypical and wayyy over used.

    Helvetica, Swiss 721, Optima, Palatino, Copperplate Gothic…yes

    Bradley Hand, Cezanne….no


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