Uniform – The Shard London Bridge – CGI

A new CGI from Uniform commissioned by the Sellar Property Group for The Shard London Bridge Tower due to complete in July 2011. The animation is very similiar to the Trinity EC3 animation they produced just not quiet as big on blockbuster style or budget.

The Shard London Bridge – CGI Animation

The architect, Renzo Piano, concieved the tower as a huge spire reminiscent of the work of Canaletto.

“The shape of the tower is generous at the bottom and narrow at the top, disappearing in the air like a 16th century pinnacle or the mast of a very tall ship. The architecture of The Shard is firmly based on the historic form of London’s masts and spires”.

Another London skyscraper, Beetham’s Blackfriars Tower, was submitted for planning permission in London and was originally proposed to exceed the height of The Shard by one metre. However, the scheduled height of the Blackfriars Tower has now been reduced, so Shard London Bridge could once again become London’s tallest occupied building.

The Shard London Bridge – CGI Images

Interview with Renzo Piano

The Shard London Bridge – Specifications


2 thoughts on “Uniform – The Shard London Bridge – CGI

  1. evans asante

    i think a building like this is a landmark and inrespective of our financial crisis the building must be built to revive london as the cemter of excellence


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