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Christmas is just around the corner again and so it’s time to find the best Christmas electonics and gadget gifts for your loved ones. Are you unsure of what electronics Christmas gifts are the best? Well I thought I would help you out with the best gift ideas from my personal list of top electronics of the year. The electronic items below all come highly recommended from me and you can rest assured they will be excellent gifts that you won’t regret purchasing. Also have a look at my most wanted Christmas gadgets list if you want some more inspiration.

Eee Netbook PC 900 (Asus)

Not long ago most people would of laughed when you said you could get a good portable laptop for around £200. Well, in 2008, it’s now reality thanks to Asus for leading the way. The Asus Eee PC offers you a great laptop, particularly for someone as a first computer. It comes with 9″ display, 1GB of RAM, 16GB solid state hard disk for quick access and a choice of Linux or Windows XP operating systems. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

iPod Touch 32GB (Apple)

Want something to play and organising music and videos with ease? Well the iPod touch 32GB is just the ticket. It comes with an above average battery, intuitive touch interface, Wi-fi, a large selection of games and applications (built in and new ones from the constantly updated iTunes App Store) and, of course, an iconic, sleak form factor. This is without doubt the best mp3 player on the market. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

LaCinema Premiere Multimedia Harddrive (LaCie)

More and more of us are storing videos, pictures and music on hard disks and it can be quite laborious to burn a holiday movie or a large collection of pictures to a DVD to share. LaCie’s LaCinema Premier does away with the need for this, simply copy the file to this hard drive and then hook it up to your TV. It comes with all the leads you need (whether you have a high definition TV or an old format CRT) and a remote control to, well, control it. It is capable of handling a huge array of video, picture and music formats and codecs, has a massive storage capacity of 750GB and is extremely light and portable. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

Ministation 500GB Portable Harddrive (Buffalo)

The Buffalo Ministation is without doubt the best performing portable hard disk I have had (and I have been through a few). Not only does it have a unique wrap around USB lead it comes with a shock absorbing case with floating internal supports – package that with a compact, lightweight case with 500GB of storage and you are laughing. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

SoundDock Portable Digital Music System (Bose)

Check out my post in which I reviewed this Bose SoundDock on this site a few weeks ago. The sound this generates for its size is quite remarkable and almost on par with the original SoundDock. I found it to give great clarity, punch, good stereo separation and plenty of detail that will keep everyone happy. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

5.1 Home Cinema Surround Kit (Sony HT-IS100)

I also reviewed the Sony HT-IS100 surround speakers in a post recently on this site. This has to be one of the most unique cinema surround units having 5 satellite speakers the size of strawberries. But despite that it packs a punch and produces some of the clearest sounds from any cinema unit I have come across. Out of the box you don’t quite get the mid-tones that you would ideally like but once you tweak it it sounds fantastic and looks ever so stylish in comparison to anything else on the market. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

Velocity SPYDER PRO Laptop Backpack (Slappa)

I get through a couple of bags a year at least but this Spyder Pro 17″ laptop backpack from Slappa has lasted the whole year and is still in great condition. The build quality is outstanding and the condition it is in is to some extent due to the superb rubberised outer shell (it looks like a bag you would see Batman using). I used this last week to transport my Wii and PS3 around with minimal effort and I can’t recommend this bag enough, so much so I am buying another, as eventually it will get replaced. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner (Dyson DC16)

Getting in small nooks and crannies with a conventional vacuum cleaner is never easy in the best of places. Also if you have had another brand of handheld vacuums you will no doubt be aware of their poor power limitations. However, with an innovate design, this DC16 handheld vacuum from Dyson does actually make it easy to get in the small nooks, is more convenient and gives plenty of power too. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

500GB Rugged Hard Disk (LaCie)

LaCie’s rugged hard disks are great for the on the road, backup conscious, users out there. If you are a photographer, for example, or someone going off-road and need to carry or backup data – this is for you. It comes with a scratch resistant aluminum shell with a shock resistant rubber bumper. It support a triple interface Firewire 400, 800 and USB 2 and is of course PC and Mac compatible. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

Bamboo MTE450KEN Pen Tablet (Wacom)

I have been using Photoshop for a while now and would often find it frustrating that you couldn’t just do things with a mouse as precisely as you would if you were doing it by hand. Well since buying the Wacom Bamboo pen tablet this precision is now achievable. It comes with a lot of the functions you would get from a professional tablet but at a much more reasonable price. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

Blu-Ray Disc Player – True HD (Samsung BD-P1500)

Although I have the ability to playback Blu-ray discs on my Playstation 3 this isn’t always convenient, particularly if you watch films in a number of different rooms. This Blu-ray player from Samsung offers all that you get from the PS3 with full 1080p HD and more, all in an affordable package. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

40” Widescreen Bravia LCD TV (Sony KDL-40X3000)

A incredible quality LCD TV from Sony offering full 1080p high definition goodness with 3 x HDMI, 100Hz refresh rate (which I think is essential for fast moving scenes like sport or action films) and all in an incredibly stylish unit. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

Digital IXUS 80 IS Camera (Canon)

I was getting tired of carrying my SLR camera around all the time and was on the look out for a good quality and ultra compact camera that would take good quality pictures with a decent battery life (check out my macro gallery which shows the incredible image quality of the IXUS 80 IS). This camera from Canon for me is the perfect camera for either someone first getting into photography, as its cheap, or like me if you want something that will give you quality pictures but in a tiny, portable form factor. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

i-SOBOT Humanoid Robot (Tomy)

I reviewed the i-SOBOT recently on this site here in this post. It is without doubt the most affordable humanoid robot on the market as well as being in the Guinness book of records for being the smallest production biped robot. You might not initially understand what makes this robot special, as he is cheap for a humanoid robot, but when you see him move like a human, understand your voice commands and talk back you will begin to understand. He is great fun for all ages. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

Mino Digital Camcorder (Flip F360B Video)

With getting more and more popular, more people are looking at video rather than pictures to capture moments or events. This Filp Video Mino camcorder is the perfect affordable device to capture any moment in good quality video. It is geared towards the youtube generation but can be enjoyed by all as an affordable camcorder. I was recently sent one for review and found it to be a very neat device with a good user interface. This could well be a best seller this Christmas for capturing all those festive moments without breaking the bank. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

OLED TV (Sony XEL-1)

This Sony XEL-1 display uses organic LED (OLED) technology, which is highly energy efficient without sacrificing any image quality. These are the next big thing in the world of televisions being far superior to LCDs and Plasmas and are capable of much more impressive visuals. However due to this being a very new technology it will be a while till the price starts to comes down. If you can afford one of these and don’t need a large screen this will impress you and your friends. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

High Definition Digital Camcorder (Sony HDR TG3)

Check out my review. The Flip video above is very affordable but won’t offer the quality of the video the Sony HDR TG3 will. This is the smallest HD Camcorder on the market and doesn’t hold back any punches with 4 mega pixel stills, Carl Zeiss lens, 5.1 surround sound recording, image stability, records at full HD (1920 x 1080) and comes with a 4GB memory stick – I never leave home without it and it’s my number 1 Christmas gadget this year. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

The Tarantula Gaming Keyboard (Razer)

The Tarantula Gaming keyboard is the one I am using to write this, this keyboard from Razer is one of the most responsive, solid and smoothest ergonomically designed keyboards I have ever used. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

Blackberry Bold Mobile Phone

The Blackberry is the phone for the professional wanting email and office applications on the go. This new Bold 9000 is the best yet offering everything you would expect and more – all in a really stylish case and with a much improved operating system. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

MacBook Pro 17-inch Laptop (Apple)

I was going to feature the MacBook Air purely for style but the MacBook Pro wins hands down on features – but that does comes at a price. It has an impressive new list of specs – Intel Core 2 Duo, up to 4GB RAM, NVidia GeForce 8600M GT graphics cards, next generation wireless 802.11n technology and all encased in a sexy new solid piece of aluminum. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

Digital Privacy Manager (Eikon)

Don’t know if you are like me but I have lots of passwords and it’s a hassle to remember which one are used where, particularly if you don’t use them all the time. The Eikon digital privacy manager takes care of this using finger print recognition to fill in forms, login details and OS dialog prompts. It is extremely easy to setup, use and can save you so much time. It also offers full encryption of your fingerprint dna making it more secure than any other readers on the market. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

Sat Nav (TomTom ONE v4 Western Europe)

It seems to be that lots more people are catching on to the benefits of satellite navigation particularly one that isn’t tied to a car. They can also be a bit of fun as shown in a previous post. For me the TomTom v4 user interface and maps are the most intuitive and user friendly sat nav devices on the market particularly at the price. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

Harmony One – Universal Remote Control (Logitech)

As more and more of us buy electrical items that need remote controls it gets very difficult to do some simple tasks like flicking between a DVD and Sky without swapping remote controls. The Harmony One make sure that you can do all that you need to from one single remote control along with the ability to record macros for repetitive multi button tasks. The small LCD is great too as it means you can customise it to display just what you want to see. A great time saver and clutter free device. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

Survivor 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive (Corsair)

There are few USB flash drives that are designed as well as this one from Corsair. I have had one on my keyring for months now and it has taken a lot of knocks and I haven’t had any problems with it. 16GB is a great size, quick transfer rates and comes at a reasonable price too. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

EOS 450D Digital SLR Camera Kit (Canon)

Not quite as good as the EOS 5D but if you are looking for your first SLR or just a really easy to use camera with professional abilities this is for you. Packed with goodies, like the DIGIC III processor, it is capable of incredible image quality. The EOS 450D is an affordable SLR camera that is built to last and is something that will produce high quality images, even if you only use the automatic functions. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

Super.Fi – Earphones – 5 Pro (Ultimate Ears)

If you are looking for earphones with great sound, comfortable and at a reasonable price – these Super.Fi 5 pro headphones tick all the boxes. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

The Alive Board

I had a go on an Alive Board a few weeks back and I have to say it is great fun and a lot easier to pickup than a conventional skateboard – being a lot more maneuverability. Super tough plastic decks and aluminium 360 degree incline trucks mean this is built to last. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

Thump 2 – 1GB MP3 Sunglasses (Oakley)

Oakley for me make the best sunglasses, no question, so much so I actually exclusively buy only Oakley sunglasses. I have 5 pairs at the moment and one of them is the Thump 2 mp3 sunglasses. They are ideal for any activity that you want to listen to music but with complete freedom from wires. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

LivingColors Colour Changing Mood Lamp (Philips)

Previously reviewed on this site. Most multi colour lamps offer 3 or 4 colours variations but the new innovative LivingColors LED lamp from Philips offers 16 million, yep thats right 16 million. The idea is that you can pick out a colour to compliment your mood (or one to put you in a better one) from the remote control. I love it! – more info and prices…

iPhone 3G (Apple)

I suspect most people would vote the iPhone as the gadget of the year. Now with the addition of 3G and push enterprise e-mail, it’s a much stronger smartphone contender. It also is for me the first true convergence device that actually does for the most part work (firmware 2.0 bugs aside). Convergence coming in the form of GPS, Camera, E-mail, Phone, Web browser, Gaming, Application support, Picture and Video browser. It also has made a lot of the big mobile names like Nokia and Sony sit up, which is great, as the user interface on the iPhone and iPod Touch is truly heads and tails above any of their current phones on the market. All this and it comes in one of the slickest and minimalistic designs around. It does have its flaws – but still a true contender for gadget of the year, that is as much a fashion accessory as a practical device. – unlocked phone prices (UK)

Planet Earth – Complete Series: Blu-ray (BBC)

Just what your HD setup is crying out for – Planet Earth on Blu-ray. If you have a 1080p true HD TV and either a Blu-ray player or PlayStation 3 (PS3) and you are looking to show off what they can do, this Blu-ray is for you. “Four years in the making, with a budget of unprecedented proportions, Planet Earth has stretched the boundaries of natural history television. High definition photography, revolutionary ultra-high speed cameras and detailed images from the air enabled the series to capture the most amazing footage ever seen”. Don’t miss this one if you have gone HD. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

Scene It? – The DVD Game – James Bond

It wouldn’t be a gadget list without James Bond, come on. Now, I remember the good old days of interactive DVD games and this to some extent is bringing the genre back. For anyone who is a James Bond fan you will love to find this in your stockings. “Meet Bond, James Bond. Experience his incredible adventures…get close to his beautiful women…discover his lethal gadgets…and challenge your family and friends to answer Top Secret trivia about he world’s most remarkable secret agent”. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

Drobo – 4 Bay Storage Array (Data Robotics)

We all storing data digitially these days either on an external hard drive or locally on a computer. But how often do you backup your data? – what if I could tell you that you never need to backup your data with a Drobo, now thats got your attention! Drobo is effectively a automated robot for your data which is very easy to setup. The safe, expandable Drobo storage solution protects your data against any hard drive crashes, yet can expand dynamically at any time in just seconds. With nothing to configure or manage, Drobo is the ideal solution for primary storage as well as backup. It uses a far superior RAID system called BeyondRAID offering far more flexibility and performance without compromising any redundancy and eliminating any complicated setup processes. – more info and prices (UK) / (US)

Hi-Tec Boots featuring Ion-Mask Technology

Reviewed previously, these Hi-tec Ion-Mask boots initially look to be rather gimmicky but even taking away the polymer technology you still have a fantastic, comfortable, solid, lightweight performance boot. Then add this technology, which actually does work exactly as stated, and you are looking at an extremely well priced boot that is built for even the most rugged terrain and weather. more info and prices Men (UK) / Women (UK)

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