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Having got very inspired with this PSDTUTS movie poster design competition I have since created another few designs of creative poster work. I have a couple of other ideas but I don’t think I am going to get time to get them done before the new year. I think the strongest designs are numbers 1, 3 and the bottom two redesigns. What do you think?

Poster Design Update

Third place winner in the PSDTUTS competition for Design no. 3 below – well chuffed that my less obvious, cityscape lacking, design has won 3rd. I think it won on it’s intrigue merits. And congratulations to the winner who was in my top 5 below.

Latest Creative Poster Design

Here are the latest creative poster designs. Under the design I have listed the main title font and the source of stock images.

Poster Design 1

This design centers around the Earth being hit my a number of massive meteors which create huge cracks on the earth surface – causing flooding and general devastation. Nobody knows how to stop it.

I did 2 designs on this theme and are of the same scene of an area above the water looking out at a flooded city. One shows a hole with lava and the other shows a large meteor. I tried experimenting with both ideas together and with more meteors but neither really look as good. The one below is the one I felt worked best – have a look in my flickr photostream if you want to view the other design.

Font: Gill Sans
Image Source: Beach / Water / Smoke / City / Sun / Waves

Poster Design 2

The next design is probably my favourite in terms of the colours I love the yellow fading to the steel blue. This design is based on a story that humans across the world are struck with a deadly flu virus which is unstoppable. A group of scientist who have an underground research lab, which was designed for evacuation as a nuclear bunker, decide to go there and lock themselves away knowing it is there only hope of survival. 20 years later, now running low on food and having had no contact with the outside world. they decide to venture outside – not knowing what to expect.

This design is pretty striking showing a man walking down a dark hallway with blinding light at the other end. The hand nearest is shielding the viewer from the light although as you will see the hand is transparent to emphasis the extinction part of the strap-line and add some sci-fi mystery.

Font: Gill Sans
Image Source: Hallway

Poster Design 3

This next design was inspired from the Andromeda Strain movie art (see below). The story here is a simple one. The Earth is an awful state and we are facing worldwide drought many millions of people have died and the story follows 4 survivors as they search for water. They are unaware of how many have died and that they are mans last hope of escaping extinction.

I have done a couple of designs. I initially wanted to finish the design with a heat haze effect either on the desert area or on the title text. Unfortunately I decided this wasn’t really adding, so much as taking away as it make the composition look very busy. Here is my favourite of the two designs and the inspirational poster below. If you wish to see the original which is very similar you can view it in my flickr photostream. (changes made include: Lens flare on sun / Lower exposure / Central Title).

Font: Ariergard Rondo Book
Extra Images: Cracks / Arms

This is a cracking movie poster design – it does help thought when you have professional bespoke images shot.

Poster Design 4

These next design are like design 5 in which they are based around silhouettes. This design was inspired by a poster of an old film called Downhill Racer (below).

Movie plot for this one follows a guy who has the ability to see the future. After a devastating nuclear war the Earth is left with a few survivors struggling with life. The lead guy foresee another war very soon but this one will be fatal in that it will completely wipe out humanity. Only his wife believes him and the film follows them as they try to convince others and save us from extinction.

There are 2 versions so far. One has an explosion (see my flickr photostream) where as the one without has a blinding sun over a HDR version of a city making it look fairly gritty and old.

Font: Gill Sans
Extra Images: Faces / HDR Rendered City

Poster Design 5

This one is definitely the most sci-fi of the lot in my opinion. It was inspired by a silhouette picture I took as well as the Rosemary’s baby movie poster design below.

The movie plot for this one is that Earth overnight is plunged in to dark causing a lot of panic worldwide. A strange glowing light has appeared in the sky. Scientist have named this light New Dawn. Over the next few days a number of natural disaster occur and this begins to escalate killing millions of people. Earth is still in darkness and have no idea what link the light has. A probe is sent up to investigate. Will the human race be able to survive? Will they discover how New Dawn, the mysterious light in the sky is linked?

Font: Gill Sans
Extra Images: Sky and Water

Here is the image which inspired this design:

Poster Design 6

The final designs came out as looking a bit too much like a tilt shift images (particularly the first) than I had hoped. All the images used are of life sided objects and I think it is the colouring which has given it this kind of effect. The movie here centers around a fisherman fighting for survival as most of the Earth is plummeted in to an ice age. He tries to save people in the city nearest to him as flooding brings panic before massive icebergs arrive to cause more devastation.

Again I think the colours here are great I love how the orange really pops. If I get time I will up date this post with another variation of this with the bottom area showing a large iceberg with a crack down the middle opening up the flooded city scape. I just haven’t found suitable pictures. I did another design based on this see my flickr photostream to view it.

Font: Bank Gothic Lt BT (Credits are again from a PSD tutorial)
Image Source: Iceberg / City / Sun / Waves

Poster Redesigns

I have done some variation to the first 2 design I created which you can see below.

For my first original idea – I thought this idea needed a little bit more work and I wasn’t really happy with not including a cityscape backdrop or the original font I used for the title.

Font: Gill Sans MT (Credits section from a PSD Tutorial site)
Image Source: Mask / City / Fog

The second idea I thought maybe was a little too subtle and maybe didn’t really have enough of a sci-fi feel to it. I recreated it with two distinct variations. The first is a simple reflection blend, below, and the second is showing a bright blinding light like in a large explosion which can be see on my flickr photostream.

Font: Birth of a Hero / Gill Sans
Image Source: Woman’s face / City / Sky and Water

Showcase Gallery

Here I have added all my design that I think look good in an outside advertising boarding.

Other Top 5 Design

There have been some really inspirational and original designs from this competition. Here are my top 5 from other designers in the competition (in no particular order / clicking on the image will open a new window going to the designers flickr page).


I have really enjoyed designing these movie poster and is something new to add to my portfolio. I am going to try my hand a redesigning some other movie posters which I will add to my blog.

If any of my design happen to win the competition I will be sure to let the photographers know, post the appropriate links in a separate post as well as do a more detailed tutorial of how I created my design. Let me know which of my design you like the most – you can find all the posts about my movie poster design in this competition and others under the movie poster design tag.

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9 thoughts on “More Creative Movie Poster Designs

  1. rasterboy

    hey simon, thanks for dropping by my blog.
    really liking the stuff you put up as well, i feel like you have a good range of different themes and styles.

    your entries are definitely in the top out of what i’ve seen, best of luck and hope we can both place in the contest :)

    ps. great blog as well, i’ll be visiting regularly!

  2. Simon Page Post author

    @rasterboy – Thanks, I definitely reckon your explosive one with the birds (in my top 5 above) will place in the top 3 that is for me the best design from all the other competition entries.

    Not sure what the judges are looking for i.e really well designed eye catching posters (which I think we have both done well) or really detailed photoshop work which they can run tutorials off for the site – there are a few people who have spent a long time on just a single cityscape design – 2 of the best are above?

  3. Tomek

    When i added my 1st poster to this competition there were only few designs. Now we have over 200. F***, there is a lot of great stuff :]

    …but the one from “Horizon Fire” is my favourite. And it is in Your top 5 :)

  4. Simon Page Post author

    Yep thats definitely a favourite of mine he has taken a lot of time over the detailing but it does need a bit of work on the lighting.

    Don’t for get your poster which made it to my top 5 too!


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