Creative Movie Poster Inspiration

I had never really realised the creative work that goes in to some of the best movie poster designs that you see and how much inspiration you can actually get out of them. I recently entered a competition to design a post-apocalyptic poster and did a fair amount of research. There are a lot of posters which are simple cut and paste jobs which really does little to promote a film. But some of the most effective posters are the ones, I feel, that don’t let on and really just hang a carrot making you want to see the trailer and find out more. To design something with intrigue, inspiration or that makes you double take is an art in itself. Here I have showcased some of the most creative movie posters in my opinion and ones that are memorable and a great source for design inspirations both from a graphic and typographic standpoint. I will endeavour to keep this post updated with new designs as and when then come out.

11 thoughts on “Creative Movie Poster Inspiration

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  2. Lawrence77

    Wow! huge collection! :)
    i like it very much!

    Artificial Intelligent, The Spirit, Descent, The memory thief are very interesting! :)
    first human to comment!

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  4. Alex

    Nice collection!

    What is the picture at the top with the guy in a suit holding a baby? Is that the post apocalyptic one you designed?


    – Alex

  5. OnlinePrintingServices

    I agree, movie posters can be very inspirational. I am sure it is difficult to create a movie poster that captures the theme of the movie, but also generates a strong degree of curiosity.

    The ‘American Beauty’ Poster is very iconic; plus it creates some intrigue with almost no clue as to what the movie is about. Plus, a great movie.

    I’ve never seen the movie Mirrors, but I really like the poster. The idea of mirrors is creatively incorporated into the design. And the second ‘r’ is reversed for a mirror image of the letter.

    The Premonition poster is also very creative with the trees’ branches making a face.

    All of the Batman posters are incredible. I’m sure all of them did a great job at marketing the movie.

    These were some fun posters to check out. Thanks.


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