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As of a few weeks ago I have to admit I hadn’t heard of Omega Code or their Fan Art entry on flickr. I think I first got wind of it from an official design I saw by Josh Davis. Omega Code are all about mixing it up and strongly involve art in to their music. This is really refreshing to see – there are plenty of bands about that neglect artwork either in there marketing or videos but these guys are really embracing it. As a part of there 2009 album release (which is going to be a free download) they are giving away 2,300 poster of these awesome designs based around their logo, globally.

Of the fan art submitted some of it may get printed as well as appearing in a print book (which would be dope if one of my designs got featured here). They have recently extended the entries till 31st March this year, probably because they are getting so many awesome designs (look out for my next submission due to this extension). Below you will find my 4 entries featured on their fan art gallery and my favourite 10 so far (fan art and official art).

If you want to check out their music now you can hear a couple of tracks on their website – I am really loving the track called Shine and can’t wait for the album release.

My Fan Art Entries

I was tempted to play it safe with my design and do the standard trend of designs that were being featured but decided to try and do some designs were were different from the norm. Omega Code from their fan art suggests that the entries should be based around Religion, Spirituality, Noir, Mysticism, Alchemy, Tree of Life, Experimental.

Here is the illustrator template that they are supplying for fan art submissions.

Entry 1

My last entry below was a concept I had been playing around with for another design I was working but with triangles it fitted perfectly. From the current submission there are very few design which are subtle (this is really the only other one). Some people have mentioned that they see the sun on the horizon meeting the sea – this wasn’t actually intentional, it’s just how the geometry and layer blends worked out. I did do another version with some textures and this actually made it look much more sea like but decided it was a little to grunge like for my liking as I was going for the spirituality angle with this one.

Entry 2 – Cubic Snow Showers

This one has been created from my CUBEN poster design techniques. It is a random fill of the entire art space with sides from a cube. Then I have removed areas from this making a round logo outline. I have then used black and whites to shape a tree and then removed further elements to give the impression of snow. Of all the designs this was the most painstaking and I may well revisit this now that the entry time has been extended to add some colouring.

Entry 3

This design was the most abstract in many ways. It is a simply geometric effect applied to the logo with the actual logo removed. The version below is one I didn’t enter as I wasn’t as happy with that.

Entry 1

This is the more retro using Red / Green / Blue colouring. This one stands out strongly from the rest. There are 2 version I created (Grunge and smooth).

Other entries

Here is a selection of my favourite top 10 designs so far.


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