Typography is Everything series

Recently I have been thinking about how important typography really is in graphic design, in fact it’s everything – hence the name of my series. It is such a shame when you see great graphic designs which are let down by poor typography that either doesn’t match the design or is just really poorly positioned within the piece. I’m sure I am guilty of this as are many designers but it really is worth the extra effort to polish off a design with the right typography.

I am planning to do a “Typography is Everything” design each day strongly related to typography as a kind of MSCED (Make something cool every day) series on my flickr photostream. I hope you find the designs inspirational and some other possibilities of typographic displays. I also hope to feature some up and coming typography designers and showcase their fonts in my designs.

The first piece I designed was based on a trend that I have noticed coming in more and more (certainly in the tail end of last year) which is typography that doesn’t use a distinct fixed font but one that requires you to work out what it is saying (I think a number of my designs below illustrate this well). You just get enough of the shapes to work it out what it is saying.

Also take a look at some top typography posters where I showcase a number of great designers with some who have nailed these abstract sort of font designs.

Typography is everything so far…

Each image is available up to resolutions of desktop wallpaper 1920 x 1200 (If you are one of my flickr contacts you already have access to these, otherwise drop me a line if you are interested in any of these or would like me to commission larger versions, since they are vector images).


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