Exclusive iPad Wallpaper

Here I have made available 4 Apple iPad Wallpapers based on some of my old and new poster designs. The wallpaper designs will work either in landscape or portrait mode being at 1024px x 1024px and are at a resolution of 132dpi. Some work better as the lock screen and other for the home screen, but depends on your taste. I am currently using my CUBEN design as you can see below.

iPad Wallpaper Previews

Here are some mock-up / previews of the iPad Wallpapers with the download links located at the very bottom of these.

Shape of My Heart

Open Water Design

CUBEN 2010 Design

This is my current iPad wallpaper, which I use for the home screen as well as the lock screen:

International Year of Astronomy Design

iPad Wallpaper Downloads

17 thoughts on “Exclusive iPad Wallpaper

  1. Paul

    Cuben is my absolute favorite! Been looking all over the web for something special, thanks for sharing your talent!

    Bookmarked in my rss reader and looking forward to more of your iPad work.

    Sent from my iPad

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  4. Anja Lohmueller

    Thanks for sharing superbe design.
    I love and downloaded all the four pieces.

    Astronomy is my favourite… or.. no, no… wait! It’s Cuben… But I also like Open Water. And The Shape is simply the king of my heart…


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