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Here are some selected magazine, book features and commissions this month of my graphic design work. I have stopped listing all the new features I get now as I find it hard to keep up particular the website ones. I’m at about 2-3 a day and although I appreciate all of them I’m sorry if I don’t mention them all.

Below is my master-class in Digital Arts magazine, WIRED magazine 2 pages illustration, 4 page designs for GreenSource Magazine, What about type article in Desktop: Magazine and shots of my work from The Typed Image book.

Digital Arts Magazine – Design a geometric retro poster

I was commissioned this month by Digital Arts to do a materclass tutorial based on one of my latest designs, Time Curve #3. The tutorial goes into the new features of Adobe Illustrator CS5 and Adobe Indesign CS5 (my weapons of choice) along with some Javascript language. There is a nice “follow the script” section which goes into some detail about how scripts work with Illustrator and how you can use them to do tasks that would normally take you hours to do.

Along with the 4 page tutorial you also get a free poster of the design which looks great. I will be selling a limited gallery edition print of this design later in the month.

There is a nice section on “creative block” and what designers do to get over it.

Here is the free poster:

The magazine is on sale now in most newsagents or online.

Here is the original poster which will be available in a few weeks on a limited edition of 50 prints. Time Curve #1 print is available now.

WIRED Magazine – Space Junk

This is a follow on from my previous iPad WIRED Magazine app post with some shots of the actual June edition of WIRED magazine with my illustrations. The article on space junk is by Evan I. Schwartz.

GreenSource Magazine – it isn’t easy grading green

I was contacted by GreenSource magazine who were after some environmental style designs and came across my fun with circles and ripple designs – which were perfect for their article on “grading green”.

Each issue of the GreenSource magazine and website features case studies of projects that illustrate good design and innovative green characteristics. June’s issue is available now.

Here is the original design which if you are interested is available to buy as a print.

Desktop: Magazine – What about type?

Thanks to Desktop: Magazine and my good mate Luca from Like Minded Studios for including me in this feature on typography in the June edition of the magazine. I haven’t got a copy of the magazine yet but here are a couple of shots I do have.

The article by Luca covers interviews with typography designers Alex Trochut, Dmote, Jonathan Zawada, Corey Holms, Deanne Cheuk, Brian Jaramilo, Justin Thomas Kay, Nancy Rouemy, Daren Newman, Luke Lucas, Matt Owens, Luca Barcellona, Simon Page, NUMSKULL and Benjamin Henessy.

The Typed Image – Book

Couple of my designs, below, have been featured in the book “The Typed Image” by Barbara Brownie which I believe is available now. It’s a great read and contains a huge array of interesting typographic designs.

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